Evangelism ≠ Intolerance

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By Matt Horan

If you’ve been watching the Olympics this time around, you may have seen the “Characters Unite” commercial:

There’s a lot to like in the commercial.  It resists racism, gender inequality, bullying, and other forms of hate and discrimination.  It would surely be a better world if we could get rid of any of those things.

That said, it’s important to say a word about their call to also resist “religious intolerance.”  Ever since John Lennon’s “Imagine,” celebrity icons of each successive generation have taken up the call to peace and harmony, envisioning a world where all dividing lines have become extinct–gender, class, race, religion, etc.  Again, plenty of good would come out of that. Read the rest of this entry »

The Exile of Pete Rose

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By Matt Horan

As a pastor in the United Methodist Church, I have had the privilege of working with lots of different groups of disciples at various stages of their life with Christ.  Senior citizens, baby boomers, young families, college students, high school students, middle school students, elementary school students… even the kids from our church preschool’s VPK program when I lead “preschool chapel” every Wednesday morning in the sanctuary.

One night recently one of my four-year-old chapel attenders spotted me in a grocery store.  He looked at me with wide eyes and demanded, “Pastor Matt!  Why are you not at the church?”

So, in case you’re like my preschool friend, it’s important to clarify that I sometimes go places other than the church.  I’ve been to airports, the beach, I ate at The Varsity in Atlanta once, and I’ve seen baseball games at Veterans Stadium, Turner Field, Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, and Tropicana Field, as well as several different Spring Training venues.  In fact, some of my favorite non-church places are baseball fields.

I own several baseball cards that were once my retirement plan, but in the wake of the “steroid era,” they are now a waste of those little plastic screw-down holders sitting in a shoe box in my garage.  Or attic.  I think.

I’ve been in the same fantasy baseball league since 1993, my best finish ever was a 4th place, but I still believe that I’m due to win it any time now.  I teared up a little when the Phillies won the World Series.  Okay, it was no “Curse of the Bambino” or anything, but I had been six the last time it happened, so it was a long wait.  There was crying in baseball.

Anyway, in the event anybody wonders why there’s an article about baseball on the ReEmergent Church blog, well, I’m just saying that sometimes I go places other than church. Read the rest of this entry »

My Apologies

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So a couple weeks ago I posted a status update making fun of a blog article discussion where someone called me “rigid and dogmatic.” I added a link to the blog so others could see it. I continued participating in the commentary on the blog, “SBC Voices,” but need to address the manner by which I went about it. Read the rest of this entry »

charlie-bit-my-finger-imageI would argue that, if you’re giving out the award for the biggest waste of time over the last five years or so, the award would have to go to the “Charlie Bit My Finger” video.  Charlie is in the running due to its distinction as the most viewed Youtube Video ever (as well as giving further proof that everything is funnier when said with a British accent).  It has been watched over 640 million times, and considering that it is 56 seconds long, that equates to over one thousand years worth of time that’s been spent watching Charlie bite his brother’s finger.

Now granted, I don’t have any stats on the world’s time investment in playing Angry Birds, but I still think it’s a solid nomination.

This week, however, I may have found something that could give Charlie a run for his money. Read the rest of this entry »