“God’s Election,” by Jim Harnish

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If you like reading great writing from great writers, read this:  “God’s Election”

The UMC Sexuality Debate is a Symptom, Not the Problem

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By Matt Horan

We’re about to see what the United Methodist Church is made of.

This summer United Methodist Annual Conferences will vote and elect delegates to the 2016 edition of our quadrennial General Conference.  There is important work to be done at General Conference, as it only meets once every four years and is the place and time where all United Methodists on the planet are represented.  The gathering will take two weeks and cost millions of dollars, but it seems that all that’ll happen is debate about homosexuality.

There’s basically two schools of thought available at this point.   Read the rest of this entry »

Not Good

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By Matt Horan

Walter Fenton, a member of the staff of the Good News magazine, wrote a review of the introduction to Dr. Steve Harper’s book, For the Sake of the Bride that appeared in the most recent issue.  (Click here to read the review.)

Fenton has not met Steve Harper.  I actually called him and asked to be sure, but from reading the review, it’s clear that he knows nothing about him.

Fenton’s main problem with Steve’s book is that he doesn’t name names and call anybody out for their behavior in the United Methodist Church’s debate over homosexuality.  He accuses Steve of writing the book in this way to elevate himself and set himself up as better and wiser than those who are naming the names and fighting the fights.

See, any regular reader of the Good News magazine knows that no small percentage of their writers love writing articles that declare various people or groups as not as “orthodox” as they should be to the cheers of those who they think are orthodox enough.  The writers at Good News’ seem to live in a constantly combative stance, and so it makes a lot of sense that Fenton didn’t like the book’s lack of combat.   Read the rest of this entry »

Testing Some Theories

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By Matt Horan

In order to prove a theory, you have to test it out and see if it holds true.  I have a couple theories I’m mulling over in my role as a church pastor, and would be curious to know if anybody might spot exceptions that might disprove them.

Here’s a few:

Theory 1:

  • It’s not the congregation’s responsibility to put away their mobile devices during a worship service.  It’s my job to lead my team to design worship services that are more compelling that whatever might be found on the congregation’s mobile device.
  • I do not have the right to expect people to attend worship services.  If I want someone to attend a worship service that I lead, it is my job to lead my team to design worship services so compelling that people don’t want to be absent because they’re afraid they might miss something extraordinary.

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