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First PriorityBy Matt Horan

In Hillsborough County, Florida (which includes Tampa and the surrounding area) recently, the school district superintendent, Jeff Eakins, made remarks at a local church praising the effect on school cultures around the district by a Christian organization called First Priority. Read the rest of this entry »

It Seems Like Yesterday

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Jim Harnish

January 28, 1986, was a stunningly cold, crystal clear, sun-bright day in Florida.  I was at my desk in the church office in Orlando, working on my Lenten sermon series.  I knew there was a lift-off that day, but I confess that I had become so accustomed to them that I no longer rushed out to the parking lot to watch every time there was a launch from the Cape.

Suddenly a woman dashed into my office, shaking from head to foot, tears running down her cheeks as she said, “The Shuttle just exploded!”

Challenger Explosionss-160127-challenger-lookback-14_e06d43354b26514cd84f44fe80f81894.nbcnews-ux-1024-900

We went outside and stood for a long time staring speechless at the streak of white of cloud that began on the horizon, arose in a perfect arc into the sky, and then stopped abruptly.  It lingered in the still blue sky much longer than those trails usually did, a mute witness to an immense tragedy.

If my generation lost its…

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Did Marco Miss Christmas?

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Jim Harnish

Where Was God?

Article VI of the Constitution is clear that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office.”  That means that questionable theology is not a disqualifier for election.

But when a candidate who wears his faith on his sleeve like a flag pin on his lapel starts talking theology, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to make a theological point.

Speaking a couple weeks ago in Iowa, Senator Marco Rubio said he was asked, “Where was God on 9/11? Where was God in Paris?”

That’s a good question. Thoughtful people are asking it again in the aftermath of another mass killing in California. It’s a gut-level question that goes to the core of what we believe and the way we live.

Senator Rubio’s response? “I said, ‘Where God always is — on the throne in Heaven.’”

Did Marco Miss Christmas?

Hearing that, I wanted…

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Okay, NRA, what’s the plan?

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By Matt Horannra-logo

It’s happened once again.  A person with a gun walks into a crowded school and begins shooting people, and then kills themselves.  We spend a few hours piecing together the details, watching police chiefs and sheriffs nervously giving (sometimes their first ever) press conferences, and watch live footage of families waiting for word on the safety of their children so we can catch the moment live when someone receives the horrible news and collapses in shrieking agony and grief.  A day or two later we review the names and hear the stories of what we’ve lost.

A little later on, when several news cycles have passed, the latest school shooting becomes one more on a growing list.  It will fade from the front page, and assume it’s place on Wikipedia.  You see, we’ll need it there, because, sadly, there have been too many of these now for us to be able to recall them all.  We will need to bring them all up when the debates ensue about gun control, so there they stay, ready to be Googled when needed by either side. Read the rest of this entry »