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10 Reasons Why Men Should Not be Ordained for Ministry.

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Sheesh–I should have read this before. I may have missed my wood chopping prime.

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In light of some recent intense posts – Ultimate Fighting Jesus and The Oldest Injustice in Human History is the Way We Treat Women, this list is too funny not to sure.

But then again, the whole conversation about gender is also utterly not funny. Double negative, anyone?

The brutal fact is that the matter of gender violence is all too much of a reality for many around the world. Statistics about gender inequality via UN and UNICEF are even more discouraging.

Regardless where you sit, stand, or wrestle with the issue of women in church leadership, I thought this satirical list was worth sharing for both laughter and even reflection because that’s what good satire forces us to do.  And for what it’s worth, I’d encourage you to read some of my thoughts about why I believe  women should be included in all levels of church leadership.

Here are…

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Christian books that should NOT be published.

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Is it ok to sometimes poke fun and laugh at ourselves? I hope so because if not, I’m in some big trouble. As in, I might get blacklisted by the Christian evangelical subculture.

In reponse to the question about the 10 Most Essential Christian Books, I received some fabulous and interesting suggestions. But I also started getting a list from people regarding the most anti-essential Christian books or in other words, books that should never be published so I’ve taken the liberty of listing some of them here.  And if you’re gonna get offended, I have two things to say:  1) It’s not my list or umm, it’s not all mine.  Don’t kill the messenger! and 2) Relax. It’s okay to make fun of ourselves sometimes. I hope.

If you want to laugh even more, check out 10 reasons why men shouldn’t be ordained.

I’ll share my list of

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