Hide and Seek

Posted: August 1, 2009 by Matt Horan in ReEmergent Church

By Matt Horanhide-and-seek42-16936018

Every so often there comes a time when a father must teach their children the important lessons in life—lessons about relationships, money management, getting a job, buying a car, etc.  Well, it was a couple years ago when one of those moments came upon me.  It was time, I felt, to teach the girls how to play hide and seek.

So, I taught them about hiding, and made a big show about finding them.  Then I hid and waited for them to find me.  They loved it, and we played every day for weeks.  But I discovered something disconcerting—my kids might be the worst hide-and-seek players in the world.

Here’s what kept happening.  I couldn’t get them to stay hidden.  I would finish counting—we counted to 20, it was a pretty small apartment—and then I’d say, “Ready or not, here I come!”  I’d walk around, saying, “Where could they be?”  I’d get about ten seconds into my seeking, and then they’d both jump out from their hiding places, laughing and calling out, “Here I am!”  I would then explain to them from my wisdom how to play.  “You have to stay in your hiding place and wait for me to find you,” I would explain.  Then I’d start again, counting and then seeking, but each time they would jump up and announce, “Here I am!”  They just didn’t get it.

Why was it so hard for them to figure out?  Why did they jump out from their hiding place?  Why not keep hiding and see how long it takes me to find them?  I mean, when it was their turn to seek, I would stay hidden and make them seek until they found me.  Turns out that, when we get older, when we become adults, we get much better at hiding.  We stay hidden as long as possible.  But oddly enough, to these little children, the best part of the game is not staying hidden.  The best part of the game is when their father finds them.  Interesting.

  1. Kacy says:

    Glad you liked Billy Graham’s Electric Rodeo. So weird — you’re the pastor (ok, one of them) of the church I’m about to join. How in heaven’s name did you find my blog? I’ll make an effort to shake your hand and introduce myself on Sunday. My husband & I are brand new, to the area and to the church. We love both.

    And I enjoyed your blog as well. Reinforces the idea that we’re in the right place. Keep up the good work.


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