Amicable Encounters Episode I: Windows

Posted: June 13, 2014 by Matt Horan in Uncategorized

By Matt HoranSt_Peters_three_christs

Scott opened his 11th plastic bin in his fourth room.  Somebody told him at one of his many orientation meetings that there had been a collection of shoes at a nearby church for kids who might need them while at the Aldersgate Youth Camp.  He’d stored that for use in a couple months when he’d be getting things ready for Summer Camp 2016–they’d need to find them and have them readily available.  He hadn’t anticipated two boys tipping over their canoe during their Confirmation retreat two months before summer camp would start, which is why he was in his fourth room opening his 11th bin in hopes that this one would be the one containing the shoes.  Sadly, it was not.
The walkie-talkie clipped to his belt squawked at him, “Scott, you have a Mrs. Jenkins here to meet with you.”            It was Allison, their college intern.  He had no recollection of a meeting this morning, nor any recollection of who Mrs. Jenkins might be.  However, he’d been trying to give the impression that he had his act together to his new staff, so he didn’t protest in case he simply forgot about the meeting.

“Still looking for the shoes,” he replied, “Be there in a minute.”

“Did you look in the shed?”

“We have a shed?”

“Why don’t you come back here to meet her and I’ll go look for the shoes?”

Scott hadn’t heard a better idea in years.  “That would be great.”

Mrs. Jenkins did not look familiar.  He speed walked into the office, and she sized him up as he approached.  “Mrs. Jenkins?”

“Rev. Edwards?” she asked, extending a shaking hand.  He guessed that she was in her 70’s or so.

“Oh, I’m not clergy–just a director.  Please call me Scott.”

“Thank you for making time for me,” she said.  Scott still did not recall a meeting scheduled, but here he was.  He hadn’t gotten anything done that he’d planned so far, so why should that change now?  “Of course.  Please come on back to the office.”  Scott led the way, and invited her to take a seat.  “So, how can I help you today?”

“Well, I’m sure you heard about the vote at General Conference yesterday.”

Scott recalled that General Conference, the quadrennial leadership gathering of the United Methodist Church which owned the Aldersgate Camp, was going to be happening soon, but just a month into his new job, a conference happening several states away was not really on his radar.

“Well, Mrs. Jenkins, to be honest, I just started working here, so I haven’t really had the chance to think about much else.  What vote do you mean?”

“I see.  Well, I’ll get right to the point, Mr. Edwards.  I donated three stained glass windows in the chapel a few years back in honor of my husband and parents, and now that the Methodist Church is splitting, I want to make sure that those windows are in a building that’s a part of the correct half.  Have they decided which half the camp will belong to yet?”

  1. Nancy McCall says:

    No, but seriously: is this a Red church or a Blue church?


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