Amicable Encounters Episode 2: Get Out The Vote

Posted: June 14, 2014 by Matt Horan in Uncategorized

By Matt HoranVote

Rebecca was pacing back and forth in front of the living room window.  Her daughter and new grandson had just landed at the airport and were due to walk in her front door in about 45 minutes.  She’d been waiting for weeks, and could hardly stand to wait another minute.  She kept looking out the window in hopes of seeing them, though she knew that even if they’d had a police escort through every stoplight driving 80 miles per hour the whole way they still wouldn’t be there yet.

She decided to go and double check and make sure that the “Pack-n-Play” she’d gotten was ready.  She’d put it up two days ago and had checked it about a half-dozen times, but once more couldn’t hurt.  She began to reconsider the positioning of the stuffed animals she had sitting on top of the dresser to welcome him to grandma’s house when the doorbell rang.  She normally told people that she “didn’t move like she used to,” but she was suddenly moving like she never had before towards her front door.  She pulled the door open smiling widely, her arms already feeling the ache of needing to hug her daughter and hold her grandbaby.

“Disappointment” didn’t do justice to what she felt when she looked out and saw a familiar couple standing on her front porch.  She knew them from somewhere, but more than anything, she knew that they weren’t her daughter and grandson.

The couple immediately turned towards her when the door opened, and they spoke first.  “Rebecca!  David and Charlotte Evans from church–not sure if you remember us.”

She was not sure she’d ever known their names before they announced them, but she did now place their faces at her church, Jefferson Avenue United Methodist.  She hadn’t been in a several months–or had it been a year?  A case of the shingles stopped her from going, and though she was better, hadn’t gotten back into the habit yet.  She wasn’t aware that the church sent people to check on missing members, but it was thoughtful of them to come by.  “Of course!  Good to see you!  What brings you out this way this afternoon?”

“We were hoping to chat with you about some things going on at the church.  Could we come in and talk a minute or two?”

Rebecca did not want anyone else in the house when her guests of honor would arrive, but her desire to not be rude won out.  “I’m expecting my daughter from Arizona any minute, but until they get here, come on in.”

Dave and Charlotte came in, and Rebecca gestured to the couch for them to sit.  “I know I haven’t been in a while, but it’s nice for you to come and check on me.”

Dave smiled, “Oh don’t worry, we’re not the attendance police.”

Charlotte added, “No, definitely not.”

“Oh, well then how can I help you?”  Rebecca replied, glancing out the window.

“I’m sure you’ve heard about the vote coming up at Charge Conference, right?”  Dave leaned in as he spoke.

“I guess I’ve been out of the loop.  I don’t know what vote you mean.”

“Oh, well, I’m sure you heard about the decision at General Conference.”

“Don’t know about that either.”  She stole another look out the window.

Charlotte took over.  “Basically, they decided that we’re going to divide the United Methodist Church into half that favors homosexuality and half that doesn’t.”

Another look outside, “Is that right?”

Dave resumed, “So we’re voting at Charge Conference about which half our church will pick.”

“Ahh, so you want my opinion?”

“Well, a few of us who are like minded came up with a list of people we think are on the right side, and we’re visiting them to make sure they’re going to be there for the vote.”

While Dave was talking, a car pulled up in front of the house.  Rebecca jumped to her feet.  “I’ll be there, but my daughter’s here now so I have to go.  Thanks for coming by!”  She was out the door by the end of the sentence.

Charlotte tried to call after her, “Do you know when it is?”

There was no response from the proud grandma.  Dave and Charlotte looked at each other, suddenly feeling like intruders.  They found a post it note and wrote down the time and date of the meeting.  Charlotte stuck it on Rebecca’s refrigerator, and then looked at Dave.  “Okay, where to next?”



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