The Victory Speech We Needed, Which We Didn’t Get

Posted: November 6, 2014 by Matt Horan in Uncategorized

Go ahead and fill in the blanks appropriate to elections in your state.US president Barack Obama

“My fellow ________-ians, thank you for being here tonight.  I am humbled by your belief that a vote for me was the best choice for the people of __________.  First, thank you to my family for your hard work on this campaign; and for your support, encouragement, and love.  Thank you to the many people on our campaign staff, and the many volunteers who believed in this campaign enough to freely give of their time and effort to help however they could.

“Thank you to the voters of the great state of ___________.  I am aware that the faith you placed in me by casting your vote comes with it a responsibility to [circle one] represent you/govern with wisdom, compassion, integrity, selflessness, and excellence.  It is now my responsibility to lead in a way that creates an environment in which every citizen of our state has the opportunity to compete and succeed according to their courage, creativity, and hard-work.

“I just got off the phone with [circle one] Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman/Governor ___________.  [Circle one] He/She was very gracious and kind, and is committed to help make our transition a healthy one that serves the needs of our state with honor and dignity.  I sincerely thank ___________ and their staff.  Of course we had differing ideas about the way to best lead __________-ians to a bright future, but make no mistake, they served you with great diligence and untiring effort.  You kept them up at night as their minds spun through the many responsibilities that awaited them on their desks the next morning.  Their families had to live without them for days and even weeks at a time as they did the work you sent them here to do.  Your names and your faces were their motivation to get up in the morning and go to work and do their best long after those that were motivated by money left government service for greener pastures.  Please join me in thanking _________ and their team for a spirited campaign, and for their hard work on our behalf. [Applause]

“Tonight I give thanks–not for a victory; but for an honor, for an opportunity to serve my fellow citizens.  I look forward already to my last day in office, when I can hear the stories about what the people of this state accomplished during my term.  My task now is to make sure that, if my name comes up in any of those stories, it is in a small supporting role, rather than an obstacle that had to be overcome.  When the book on this term of office is finished, may it be read as a collection of stories about the great achievements of the people of __________.

“Thank you, God bless you, and may God bless the people of the great state of ________.”


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