Opportunities Abound at General Conference 2016

Posted: January 14, 2015 by Matt Horan in Uncategorized

Ascross the nomination season opens for delegates to the 2016 General Conference of the United Methodist Church, I recall that after many days together in Tampa in 2012, the delegates to that General Conference walked away having changed almost nothing.

It was an opportunity to make changes to our denomination’s alignment that would allow us greater agility to operate more effectively in an age that moves faster, is increasingly global, and is more interconnected than ever before; and the opportunity was lost.

There was also an opportunity to make a statement about our belief that, while we don’t always agree on how to respond to every issue of our day, we are at our best when we remain committed to our connection as United Methodists; and that opportunity passed us by as well.

I will be praying for those considering becoming a candidate for election to represent us from all over the world at General Conference, that they will walk away this time not having missed opportunities, but seized them.



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