Rock Bottom

Posted: February 24, 2016 by Matt Horan in Uncategorized
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rock-bottom cropBy Matt Horan

Recovering addicts can usually tell the story of their “rock bottom.”  It got bad enough that they realized that their life was unmanageable.  They were out of answers, and out of excuses.  They were ready to cry out for help.  With the addiction’s foot on the addict’s neck, all that was left was to beg for mercy.

There’s a once well-known concept in Christian theology that has largely gone out of style.  The concept is called “repentance.”  The idea is somewhat congruent with the “rock bottom” moment–when someone realizes that their best efforts to find fulfillment are falling woefully short.  In repentance, one admits that their path was the wrong one, and that God has something far better for us, found in following the path set before us by Jesus Christ.

So what does it take to hit rock bottom?  What does it take to awaken us to the futility of our best efforts?

For example, what if there was a poll taken that said you were less popular than Ghengis Khan, head lice, and cockroaches?  That happened a couple years ago to the U.S. Congress.  Honestly, that probably would have been enough to make me cry uncle.  The Federal Government, however, is not so easily rock bottomed out.  To be fair, maybe they were encouraged by their convincing margin of victory over meth labs and Ebola.

Someone should check-in on meth labs.  “Bro, you’re half as popular as Congress.  You holding up okay?”  Harsh.

politifact-photos-Congress_meemIf it’s not polling lower than traffic jams, carnies, and colonoscopies; what would it take?

I mean, I guess it could be worse.  You could have the whole country so disgusted with you that they overcome all of their many divisions to coalesce around electing someone President who isn’t really into articulating intelligible thoughts on his faith or any discernable plans for governing for no other reason than their being the candidate most likely to punch you in the face.

There are times when good friends might gather for an intervention, heading off that rock bottom moment before it hits.  However, if your friends have left you for more popular options like Brussels sprouts or root canals, rock bottom may be looming.  I suppose there’s a chance you still might learn your lesson and turn things around, but if your precarious lead over Lindsay Lohan and playground bullies (both of which are within the margin of error) hasn’t been enough to educate you, that punch in the face is looking more and more imminent.  Hopefully that Presidential candidate will love the poorly educated.


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