Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend?

Posted: April 18, 2016 by Matt Horan in Uncategorized

Jim Harnish

A Night to Remember 

The news reports say that it was 48 years ago yesterday, but it lingers in my memory as if it were last year.

I was a junior in college, running for Student Body President.  It was a tight race.  We were holding a rally to build support in the college gym. Someone came up with the idea of noise-makers made from Coke cans filled with gravel.  The music was loud, the crowd was energized and I was about to speak when someone came back stage and told us that Martin Luther King, Jr., had just been shot.  I’m embarrassed to say that the rally went on as if nothing had happened. I won the election, but I still feel ashamed by what we did that night.

By contrast, in Indianapolis the assassination led to one of the most amazing speeches in American political history.

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