About the Author

Life Game 068 smallerMatt Horan is a United Methodist Church pastor in Tampa, FL.  Having watched the emergent movement take shape over the last few years, and having read several of the key books, he’s begun to wonder what effect the movement might have, for better or for worse, on the historic mainline Christian denominations.  Could they recapture their intended “neighborhood church” identity?

He started the ReEmergent Church blog in 2008 with “Theology Deathmatch: Brian McLaren vs. John Wesley.”  It’s been a pretty good coversation ever since.

Matt has a Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing from Florida State University, and returned to FSU for a Masters in Educational Administration.  He has a Master of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL, and has been in Tampa since the summer of 2007.

Matt can be reached at matthoran4@gmail.com.