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charlie-bit-my-finger-imageI would argue that, if you’re giving out the award for the biggest waste of time over the last five years or so, the award would have to go to the “Charlie Bit My Finger” video.  Charlie is in the running due to its distinction as the most viewed Youtube Video ever (as well as giving further proof that everything is funnier when said with a British accent).  It has been watched over 640 million times, and considering that it is 56 seconds long, that equates to over one thousand years worth of time that’s been spent watching Charlie bite his brother’s finger.

Now granted, I don’t have any stats on the world’s time investment in playing Angry Birds, but I still think it’s a solid nomination.

This week, however, I may have found something that could give Charlie a run for his money. (more…)

What Really Bothers Me

Posted: August 13, 2012 by Matt Horan in ReEmergent Church

By Matt Horanyelling

Here’s what really bothers me.

People are really pissed off. In fact, I think that there’s an increasing degree of pissed-offedness. Thankfully, that isn’t really a word, and further, there’s probably not the science available to us to measure pissed-offedness. And even if there was and I proved it, someone would discount my findings because I’m not a sociologist. So, I’ll just call it what it is–I have a theory that there’s increasing pissed-offedness in the world, though I’m without the tools or clout to measure it. I guess I’ll see if I can get some friends to become a fan of “Pissed-offedness.” Maybe if I can say that 16 of my friends are “fans of pissed-offedness,” then that can begin to look like some credibility for my theory. Until then, I guess it’ll remain just a theory. Fortunately, that’s all you need to write something and send it off onto the information superhighway for worldwide distribution. Beautiful. (more…)

By Matt Horan

Perhaps you’ve heard the old saying, “There are no atheists in a foxhole.”  I’ve never been an atheist or in a foxhole, but from what I’ve learned about foxholes, I can see how such a saying might arise.  A foxhole is a hole in the ground that soldiers would hide in to avoid enemy gunfire.  I assure you that I would pray fervently and frequently while in a hole designed to help me avoid enemy gunfire.

Most of the world’s religions recruit poorly during good times.  You never see someone after reaping a financial windfall exclaim, “The first thing I’m going to do is go worship and thank God!”  No, it seems that foxholes are better evangelists than winning lottery tickets are.   (more…)

By Matt Horan

Let’s be really honest for a moment.  We all know that this Saturday is the ninth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, which resulted in war in Afghanistan and Iraq, which resulted in bombings in Spain and Britain, and so on.  Estimates put the total resulting loss of life from the events of that date at over 100,000 people from dozens of nations.  There have been economic, social, and spiritual repercussions for the entire world.  No nation has been spared.

But it has been good TV.