Resolution Calling For Death Penalty Reform in Florida

Resolution #1: Resolution Calling For Death Penalty Reform in Florida
Workbook Page: 213

What it does:

  1. The Florida Annual Conference goes on the record as calling for the elimination of the Death Penalty as an option in Florida.
  2. The congregations and members of the Florida Annual Conference are urged to support efforts to abolish the Death Penalty.

Voters for the resolution have hope that repentance and forgiveness have redemptive and transformative power even in the most extreme situations, and thus life should not be cut short when this possibility exists.

Voters against the resolution see the death penalty as an effective deterrent to criminal activity, and a just punishment for some offenses.


This is a pretty simple resolution, asking the Florida Annual Conference to take concerted effort to see the Death Penalty abolished.

The legislative environment in Florida does not seem amenable to this idea at the moment, but if the resolution passes and the Florida Annual Conference does take up the cause, it could provide a substantial boost to those groups involved in the effort.  This is a place where the Florida Annual Conference could effect a significant change in our state’s legal landscape.

When is someone too far gone for repentance to be a possibility?  In the absence of clarity on that question, it seems best to err on the side of grace and hope.  Therefore,  REC endorses the resolution.