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By Matt Horan

The other day someone emailed me about my blog about amicable separation of the United Methodist Church.  He talked about the difference between liberals and evangelicals, which is the place where I stopped reading.

If someone asks a Christian, “Hey are you an evangelical?” the correct answer is “Yes.”  “Evangel” means “good news.”  Evangelists tell people good news.  If someone or something is evangelical, it is contributing to the spread of good news.  Our Good News is that while we were dead to sin, God sent his son Jesus Christ to live and die for us and raised him to new life before us.  We can be joined with this Jesus and live a new life and leave the old one behind.  Good News.

I know that it helps to be able to judge people by the group.  It’s so easy to talk about liberals or conservatives when we can group them all together and take a big swipe or two at them.  But here’s the thing that made me blog today:

There cannot be some Christians who aren’t evangelical.  (more…)


By Matt Horan

Let’s be really honest for a moment.  We all know that this Saturday is the ninth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, which resulted in war in Afghanistan and Iraq, which resulted in bombings in Spain and Britain, and so on.  Estimates put the total resulting loss of life from the events of that date at over 100,000 people from dozens of nations.  There have been economic, social, and spiritual repercussions for the entire world.  No nation has been spared.

But it has been good TV.


By Matt Horan

In my previous post, I wrote about the “New Calvinism” on the rise among American followers of Jesus Christ.  There are many important voices to be heard among them, and one new up-and-comer is Kevin Harvey.

During many years in the editing and publishing business, Harvey saw book after book come across his desk destined for the shelves of clergy and laity across the country.  What he began to see lacking in these books was attention to the second of Jesus’ greatest commandments. (more…)

By Matt Horan

Paul seemed to get a lot of questions about the afterlife.  His responses always betrayed his desire to talk about other things, like making disciples and remaining a faithful church, but knowing how distressed the churches were about it, he occasionally would write to them with some answers, such as in 1Corinthians 15.  The question that seemed to be most on their minds here was: “What is going to happen to the people who have died before Jesus comes back?”

The disciples of Jesus Christ believed that he would be coming back soon—in their lifetime.  So when followers of Jesus started dying before he came back, they had a theological dilemma on their hands.  What will happen to people who are not still alive to greet Jesus when he returns? (more…)