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By Matt Horan

What do you think of Global WarmingScientific factA bunch of baloney?  Should baloney feel insulted by being associated with Global Warming?

What do you think about healthcare reformShould we go for a national healthcare system run by Uncle SamShould we leave it alone?  Should we pursue tort reform?

What’s your faith system?  ChristianHinduMuslimJewishBuddhistAtheist?  Think you might ever convert from one to another?  How good an argument would you have to make to get someone to convert from their position to yours?  As good as this?



By Matt Horanwelcome forest

            Evangelism is terrifying sometimes, isn’t it?  You’re basically approaching someone wit the message, “The way you are isn’t quite enough.  You need Jesus.”  Unless you’re one of those annoying bullhorn people, who wants to say that? (more…)

By Matt Horan

          “Sticks and stones will break my bones by names will never hurt me…”  Well, as they say in my new sister-in-law’s native Australia:label-maker


          It occurs to me that the kiss of death in America’s sociological discourse is to be called a name.  Conversely, the way to effectively assasinate the credibility of someone involved in the discourse is to label them.
          For instance, a person listens to a speech by U.S. President Barack Obama and says, “Hey, that’s a pretty good idea.”  Someone could easily respond and say, “What are you, a socialist?” (more…)

By Matt Horan

     It is with great joy (and some relief) that the mainline churches heard back from the Emergent Church.  Of course, it would not likely have come via “thank you card,” but rather by e-mail, text message, or RSS feed.

Dear MLC,

     We were so glad to receive your note.  Honestly, it was unexpected, but we read it six times, by candlelight, of course, and will likely read it again, maybe aloud with a soft combination of organ music and electric guitar playing in the background.  It’s currently being forwarded as an e-mail, and there is a dramatic interpretive dance rendition that you can view on YouTube.  Check it out when you get the chance. (more…)