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charlie-bit-my-finger-imageI would argue that, if you’re giving out the award for the biggest waste of time over the last five years or so, the award would have to go to the “Charlie Bit My Finger” video.  Charlie is in the running due to its distinction as the most viewed Youtube Video ever (as well as giving further proof that everything is funnier when said with a British accent).  It has been watched over 640 million times, and considering that it is 56 seconds long, that equates to over one thousand years worth of time that’s been spent watching Charlie bite his brother’s finger.

Now granted, I don’t have any stats on the world’s time investment in playing Angry Birds, but I still think it’s a solid nomination.

This week, however, I may have found something that could give Charlie a run for his money. (more…)


By Matt Horanflags

          As a fan of Jesus Christ, is it bad if I don’t care whether or not the Ten Commandments are hanging in the U.S. Supreme Court?  As a fan of Jesus Christ, is it bad if I don’t care whether or not my kids are taught Creationism as a scientific theory in school?  As a fan of Jesus Christ, is it bad if I don’t get offended when someone at Target wishes me “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Chistmas”?  As a fan of Jesus Christ, is it bad if I don’t worry if there’s no “prayer time” offered to kids in public schools? (more…)

By Kristy Harding

Car? Fast!
President? Obama!
Pickles? Sour!
Music? Rocking!

One of my favorite games as a kid was the “Free Association Game” where one person said a word and then everybody shouted out the first thing that came to mind. There wasn’t much of a point, really, except to try (without trying) to be the most cool person in the room by thinking of the thing that was the most obscure. If ever there was a training exercise for scenester snobbery, that game was it–at least the way we played it, but it was still a great way to take the psychological temperature of a group of people. No matter how cool we tried to be, someone always slipped up and said what they really thought, which was often embarrassing and usually followed by said person slapping their hand to their mouth and turning red. Hello, Dr. Freud! Game over.

I was reminded of the “Free Association Game” when I read the Science Times section in yesterday’s New York Times. (more…)