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Posted: March 6, 2015 by Matt Horan in Uncategorized
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Paris attackBy Matt Horan

My brother, Mike, pointed out something that really made me think.  He does that.  I’d tell you to follow him on Twitter so he can make you think too, but I have thus far failed to convince him to sign up.  Maybe someday.  If it happens, it’ll be ReEmergent Church Blog newsworthy, so stay tuned.

He asked a question about the continuing legal battle in Pakistan over a Christian woman accused of blasphemy:  “If this woman’s death sentence for ‘blasphemy’ is upheld by the local, high, AND supreme courts of Pakistan, can we please reopen the discussion that Islamic violence is being perpetrated [not] only by ‘radicals’ and ‘extremists?'”

I’ve normally been on the “benefit of the doubt” side of this debate most of the time–often a counter to my brother, a veteran of the recent Iraq war, who is ready for someone to name names and call Islam out as a systemic perpetuation of violence, oppression, discrimination… you name it.

However, Mike clearly has some things right.   (more…)


By Matt Horan

Let’s be really honest for a moment.  We all know that this Saturday is the ninth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, which resulted in war in Afghanistan and Iraq, which resulted in bombings in Spain and Britain, and so on.  Estimates put the total resulting loss of life from the events of that date at over 100,000 people from dozens of nations.  There have been economic, social, and spiritual repercussions for the entire world.  No nation has been spared.

But it has been good TV.


By Matt Horan

What do you think of Global WarmingScientific factA bunch of baloney?  Should baloney feel insulted by being associated with Global Warming?

What do you think about healthcare reformShould we go for a national healthcare system run by Uncle SamShould we leave it alone?  Should we pursue tort reform?

What’s your faith system?  ChristianHinduMuslimJewishBuddhistAtheist?  Think you might ever convert from one to another?  How good an argument would you have to make to get someone to convert from their position to yours?  As good as this?