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By Matt Horan

The other day someone emailed me about my blog about amicable separation of the United Methodist Church.  He talked about the difference between liberals and evangelicals, which is the place where I stopped reading.

If someone asks a Christian, “Hey are you an evangelical?” the correct answer is “Yes.”  “Evangel” means “good news.”  Evangelists tell people good news.  If someone or something is evangelical, it is contributing to the spread of good news.  Our Good News is that while we were dead to sin, God sent his son Jesus Christ to live and die for us and raised him to new life before us.  We can be joined with this Jesus and live a new life and leave the old one behind.  Good News.

I know that it helps to be able to judge people by the group.  It’s so easy to talk about liberals or conservatives when we can group them all together and take a big swipe or two at them.  But here’s the thing that made me blog today:

There cannot be some Christians who aren’t evangelical.  (more…)


By Matt Horan

So, in a previous blog I just finished saying that the United Methodist Church needs to stay together.  In fairness, I probably owe a little more in terms of how we might do it.  In a season filled with people offering grandiose yet vague solutions, may I not be counted among them.

We would be wise to learn from the principles that have given some success to the Emergent Church and non-denominational church movements over the last 15 years or so, without losing the Wesleyan distinctives that have sustained us since the days of the “Holy Club.” (more…)

By Matt Horan

What do you think of Global WarmingScientific factA bunch of baloney?  Should baloney feel insulted by being associated with Global Warming?

What do you think about healthcare reformShould we go for a national healthcare system run by Uncle SamShould we leave it alone?  Should we pursue tort reform?

What’s your faith system?  ChristianHinduMuslimJewishBuddhistAtheist?  Think you might ever convert from one to another?  How good an argument would you have to make to get someone to convert from their position to yours?  As good as this?


By Matt Horan

I wonder how any of us would respond in Joseph’s sandals.

He was young, good-looking, and successful, and he’s got this beautiful and influential woman throwing herself at him.  If that wasn’t enough, the Scripture says, “No one else was in the house.” (more…)