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Sermoncropped-angel20of20grief201.jpg podcast, December 22, 2014, from Seminole Heights United Methodist Church, Tampa, FL

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By Matt Horan

When speaking about the period from the 11th to the 15th centuries, the language of Great Britain is commonly known as “Middle English.”  There are some similarities with present day English, of course, but to understand someone speaking it today would be a challenge. (more…)

By Matt HoranPole Vault

The Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’ longest recorded teaching, and it does nothing short of turn the world upside down.  The beatitudes teach that the poor will be rich, that the meek will be in charge, that the humble will be lifted up.  He praises those who make peace—not those who live off of political partisanship.  He praises the persecuted, the mourning, the pure, and the merciful.  He casts vision for the Kingdom of God, and to the chagrin of the political players of the day, it looks nothing like the visions that they were casting for their own cause. (more…)

By Matt Horanpew in field

          It’s good to be “teachable.”  It’s a nice compliment, usually given by a mentor or teacher–someone who has gone before us and is keenly aware that they’ll someday be leaving the world in the hands of those who come after them.  I wonder, then.  Does that mean that, if someone is open or ready to hear what a preacher is saying, they’re “preachable”?   (more…)